8-week program outline

Weeks 1-2
Mindfulness, yoga, and breathing tools to create a firm
foundation of calm stability as well as an awareness of the self-care needs of
one’s body and mind.

Weeks 3-4
Tools to generate openness and the wish for one’s own
and other’s happiness. Loving-kindness creates a state that activates pro-social
brain regions which not only feels good but can be an antidote to depression/

Weeks 5-6
 Caring for others is rewarding but can cause burnout. Here
we will learn tools for safely extending compassion and care to others who are
suffering, from a position of awareness and stability.


Weeks 7-8
 Techniques to enrich one’s happiness and joy, and then integrating and balancing with the practices of the previous weeks. Tapping into joy can be a powerful aid in healing and recovery from physical illness and stress.